Southern Forest

Growing Assets, LLC is a full-service forest management and consulting firm specializing in the renewable natural resources of timber and wildlife. Since 1954, we have been helping private landowners improve their forests and increase the value of their investments. Our mission is simple: Help our clients make money on their investment, help them protect their natural resources, and solve any problems that get in the way of achieving those goals.

We accomplish this by addressing all facets of the investment. This involves...

Over two-thirds of the land in the Southeastern United States belongs to private, non-industrial landowners. We work for many of these landowners, managing their land in the three-state area of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. It is these clients, and thousands of others like them, who have created the success of the Southeastern forests. We can help you be a part of this story.

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timber for sale


Negotiated sale

208 Acres in Colbert,AL      JAH01

Planted, sprayed and some limited areas thinned - pine plantation

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Negotiated sale

79 Acres in Colbert,AL      EH01

Mature hardwood. Chestnut oak is a large portion of the sawtimber volume.

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Sealed bid sale
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

104 Acres in Colbert,AL      RLR01

The timber stands being harvested are predominantly hardwood and our cruise estimates approximately 52 tons per acre of timber, 14 tons per acre of which is hardwood sawtimber (mostly white oak)

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